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There are five bars in the Marou collection – all conveying their own individual qualities to titillate your taste buds. The full-bodied and lengthy flavour will remain in your mouth well after tasting – the smallest piece of Marou will have a lasting impression!

Each bar evolves from the richness of the soil, rainfall and overall climate of the region and then convey its own unique characteristics through the chocolate. The bars from each region are made to a different percentage of cocoa – ranging from 65% for the catering bar for chefs through to the highest of 78%. The richness of the cocoa is enough – only sugar is added to delicately balance the overall taste.

The small farmers who grow these distinctive quality beans cultivate the cacoa trees in the shade of taller fruit trees such as coconut or cashew. They then dry and ferment the beans themselves on their farms. These beans are then packed in burlap sacks and are processed by the team at Marou. Heavy rollers compress the liquid chocolate until the next stage in the process when it is tempered and put into moulds. The team has learnt to roast, winnow, mill and press the beans from the experts to create an incredible chocolate to share. 

Tiên Giang – 70%  100g 

Made using the cocoa beans grown by the farmers of the Cho Gao Cooperative in the Mekong Delta. A full bodied chocolate with spicy fruity notes coming through as you savour.  

Marou - Tien Giang Purple Pod and Bar

Dông Nai – 72% 100g

Made using the cocoa beans from farms in the upper Dong Nai Province.
A finely balanced dark chocolate with hints of spice gently running through.

Marou - Dong Nai yellow pod  and bar

Lâm Dông – 74% 100g 

Made using cocoa beans cultivated in the hilly woodland at the edge of the Vietnamese Central Highlands between Madagui and Bao Loc.
A rare and delicate chocolate with a gentle flavour – very subtle for such a pure dark chocolate.

Marou - Lam Dong Turquoise pod and bar

Bà Ria – 76% 100g

Made using the Trinitario cocoa beans sourced directly from selected farmers within the Bà Ria province.
This is a bold and fruity chocolate – the fruitiness is purely from the beans but tastes as if the juice of rich cherries has been mixed with the chocolate. 

Marou - Ba Rai red pod and Bar

Bên Tre – 78% 100g

Made using cocoa beans from Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta where the cacoa trees are planted amongst the coconut groves.
This is an intense chocolate but not overpowering – the flavours are very balanced. 

Marou - Ben Tre green pod and bar

Vietnam Origin  65% (for chefs) 1kg 

This is a blend of Tien Giang and Bà Ria